This is the FastCVS homepage.  I've just started this project, so hang on as I get stuff together.  I'll start with a description of this project.

FastCVS will be hosted on SourceForge, and will be developed using CVS.

Eventually, I hope to make the client like this:

- It should not require complex installations of other programs.

-It should be compatible with Linux, Cygwin, and other Linux enviroments.

-It should allow users to use it without having to learn CVS, but should allow power users to change what the program "types in" at the command line to do tasks such as logging in, diffing, updating, etc.

-It should use an interface that is either text, or an easy to get and install graphical toolkit.  This way, almost anybody with CVS could use it right away.  It shouldn't be dependent on a particular windowing enviroment.